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Our mission: promoting financial education and awareness by providing the right tools to understand financial markets


A new point of view

Thanks Finance has developed a stock sentiment web-application for the analysis of stock markets. We use Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms to measure investors’ mood and expectations about market trends.

Thanks Finance is a fintech startup based in Turin.


  • Biagio Adile, CEO
  • Francesco Adile, Marketing & Business Development Manager
  • Francesco Guaiana, IT Manager

Stock market sentiment analysis

If markets are efficient in the long-term, an alternation of optimism/euphoria (buy) and pessimism/fear (sell) drives short-term investors’ behaviour.
Daily financial news, as well as social media (Twitter, Reddit, …) affect investors’ buying and selling decisions.

Investors’ sentiment has an impact on market trends. We help you analyze it in real-time.


Analyse the market mood

be aware of what financial journalists and investors say about the stock market. We analyse news and comments published on newspapers (Bloomberg, The Financial Times, Morningstar, Yahoo! Finance, etc.) and social media (Twitter & Reddit).


Understand the sentiment

get a sentiment score for each stock, index and sector and see where the market is going.


Track the main indexes

analyze the sentiment of six different stock indexes: Dow Jones, S&P 500, FTSE 100, DAX, FTSE MIB, and CAC 40 and optimize your investing strategy accordingly.


Get in touch with our team for further information about Thanks Finance solutions or to request a partnership/collaboration.

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